Form of Government

The City of Bloomfield is governed by four council members elected at large and a mayor.

Each member of the City Council serves with minimal financial compensation.

All governmental meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to participate in the development of their community.

Council meetings are held:
Second and fourth Monday of each month
6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers
915 N. First Street
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  • City Mayor

    Mayor Cynthia Atencio
    Mayor Cynthia Atencio

    I graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1988. I started working in Government in 1996. I worked for the City of Bloomfield for 18 years. I assisted the Chief of Police in maintaining and adjusting the Department budget accordingly. I served as the Grant Coordinator, working with State and Federal agencies to acquire, maintain and report grant funds. In 2014 I pursued a career in the Natural Gas industry. My time away helped me to see the private sector and how it functions.

    I was elected Mayor in March of 2018. Bloomfield is my home, the only home my husband and children have ever known.

    I am an avid supporter of our Youth in our Community and the programs that nurture them. Our future is our children. I have worked with our City Council to support the Bloomfield Boys & Girls Club. We are continually working together to invest in our future for all of our Citizens.

    City Councilors

    George Walter
    George Walter

    I was born in Chicago but spent most of my youth growing up in Apopka, Florida. Bloomfield has been my home for 17 years and am devoted husband looking after a wonderful family of 3 rich in faith, community service, smiles and laughter born and bred in the area. I have been married to Jamie Walter née, Hair for 16 happy years and have two daughters Hennessy and Briseis both attending Bloomfield Schools. I am an active Bloomfield community member who has had a small part in organizing ideas and events within the city and community. These include co-coordinating the 5th of July event (which I believe is the best show in the Four Corners), participating in Bloomfield School District Parent Advisory Committees for Blanco Elementary and Mesa Alta. I also represented Blanco a few years ago as a parent advocate at the NM State Principals convention in Albuquerque at the request of then Principal Sanchez. I am a member of the Bloomfield Citizens Police Advisory Council and graduated from the Bloomfield Citizen's Police Academy two years ago. I am a part of the Bloomfield Neighborhood Watch Program for district 2, but really for all districts in our city. I am a member of the Bloomfield Economic Development Committee. I have been a small part of the local group of inventors called Four Corners Invents that is looking to create positive change through invention and possibly manufacturing here in our area.

    I am a 47 year old professional business manager by occupation. I am currently employed as Branch Manager at Crane Service Inc. in Aztec. I started my career in the warehouse of Dial Oil Company many years ago. Since then, I have been employed as supervisor and or manager of Western Refinery and Waste Management all in our area.

    I believe: All Bloomfield residents, families, schools and businesses should be able to benefit from safe, sound and responsible City Council decisions and actions. Rooted in this, a strong gut feeling, that we the City of Bloomfield deserve a quality of life that can match our desire to live the good life right here in Bloomfield. I believe in the community of Bloomfield and in a brighter future for our city. I know it is possible to move us forward in a way that can honor the past by celebrating what we have done and can do well. Through more effective and productive community relationships and input we can all have a more positive impact.

    Challenges: Finding a way to come together and solve the issues in front of us. Bloomfield has always had great people and it has been a strength for our community. That of itself is not enough. We must work together in a way that more transparent, accountable, upfront and productive to ensure the best decisions for the future of Bloomfield are being made now.

    Tony Herrera

    Scott Eckstein

    Dale Walls