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Welcome to the City of Bloomfield and let us help your business in creating both our new future and yours. Steeped in the past but excited about change, our community's efforts involve creating a sense of place, one that "fits like an old shoe" yet expands the horizons and challenges the energies of residents and visitors alike.

A pro-business community with a small town feel (7,314 residents), our industrial park offers space for your business and ready access to two, major highways (U.S. 550 and U.S. 64). Economic development programs available through the State of New Mexico can help to start your new business or expand your existing business.

Adequate supplies of water, natural gas, and electricity are available to meet your needs.

With land readily available for commercial development along both highways, our recently completed economic development/market study provides a road map for future, planned growth. Within a ten minute drive from Bloomfield, local businesses can access $155,428,514 of residents’ purchasing power in 11 broad, retail categories (data provided by Buxton). We're also working with Bloomfield Invents, a local inventors’ group, to develop an Inventors’ Cooperative focused on product development, to secure start-up capital, and to provide the tools needed to start new businesses.

As the Gateway to the Four Corners, we are close to attractions that will energize your explorer mindset. Bloomfield's hotels and restaurants can serve as your base for day trips ranging from Navajo Lake State Park and the famous Quality Waters to the east, Mesa Verde National Park, the Four Corners Monument, and the historic city of Durango, Colorado to the north, Chaco Canyon and the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway to the south, and Angel Peak, the Bisti Badlands, and the Aztec Ruins National Monument in between. Journey south and take a drive on Route 66, the historic road that runs east to west for 379 miles across the State of New Mexico.

Sample what our area has to offer, including hunting, fishing, and river adventures; horseback riding/pack trips, mountaineering and climbing; Indian pow wows, festivals, and fairs; rodeos; hot air balloon rallies; stargazing in our dark, night skies; and skiing in the mountains of southern Colorado just a short drive away. Take a short trip to the City of Farmington to visit the San Juan College planetarium and the cultural performances presented on campus, or just drive into the countryside to experience the colors and hues as the sun sets on mesas and buttes.

If you're looking for a place to retire and start a second business or a community with diverse cultures in which to raise your family, Bloomfield is your choice. Located on the Colorado Plateau in the northwestern corner of New Mexico at an elevation of 5,456 feet, Bloomfield is situated on the banks of the San Juan River.

The City of Bloomfield Welcomes New Businesses!

Bloomfield is part of a tri-city area which includes Aztec, the county seat, and Farmington, the largest city in the area. East of Bloomfield are several small rural communities, none of which are incorporated or have the amenities of a city, which adds an economic boost to Bloomfield as people from those communities come to town to shop. In addition, Countless people travel through Bloomfield to any number of destinations and it is the City's goal to create an environment that encourages those people to stop and stay, increasing the City's economic base.

Finding the perfect place for your business can be a challenge. The City of Bloomfield is fortunate to have partnership with Animas Business Park, which has land available for new businesses or a business that would like to relocate. For additional information on the industrial park, call Bloomfield's City Hall at (505) 632-6300.

Wagner Caterpillar has completed construction on its new facility, which is located in Animas Business Park.
Animas Business/Industrial Park
200 Louisiana Street
Bloomfield, NM 87413
Bloomfield's residents and businesses enjoy the following:

A friendly, caring community with small town values and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Weather: An average of 274 sunny days annually (with low humidity), with a large percentage of the remaining days only partly cloudy. An average, annual high temperature of 68.7 degrees and an average, annual low temperature of 39.5 degrees. Average annual rainfall is 9.32 inches compared to a national average of 39.2 inches, while average annual snowfall is 9.39 inches compared to a national average of 25.8 inches. The City’s comfort index is 74 compared to a national average of 54.
Cost of living: A cost of living that is 9% lower than the national average and lower than surrounding municipalities: Farmington (8.5% more expensive), Durango (47% more expensive), and Albuquerque (6.3% more expensive).
Real Estate: A median home cost of $136,600.00 that is 26.5% below the national average of $185,800.00. The average age of Bloomfield’s housing is 30 years compared to a national average of 37 years. Real estate in Bloomfield has appreciated 8.50% in the last ten years. Property tax rates are $6.20/$1,000 versus a national average of $11.80/$1,000. Homeowners make up 51.7% of Bloomfield’s population, while renters make up 33.3%.
Age: Bloomfield's current population is 7,314 (comprised of 2,419 households), an increase of 40.3% since 2000. Bloomfield has a younger population, with an average age of 30.1 that is 6.7 years below the state average and 7.3 years below the national average. The percentage of the local population between 0 and 44 years of age is 8.57% larger than the national average.
Education: 8.62% of Bloomfield’s residents are graduates of two-year colleges compared to a state average of 7.93%. The Bloomfield School District emphasizes quality education; its pupil/teacher ratio is 16.0 compared to a state average of 16.8. Both San Juan College and several, other agencies offer strong, job-training programs for motivated students. San Juan College, a two-year institution, partners with four-year universities across the state to provide B.A. degrees and an advanced selection of courses.
Medical/Health: Bloomfield's physicians per capita ratio is 152 compared to a state average of 210. The City is served by two, state-of-the-art hospitals, San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, New Mexico, and Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, Colorado.
Crime: Analyzing the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, HomeSnacks recently ranked New Mexico cities (32) with populations over 5,000 in terms of crime and safety. Bloomfield ranks as the seventh safest city on this list. A resident of Bloomfield has a 1 in 777 chance of being the victim of a crime. When the property crime index for Bloomfield is compared with the national index and with that of Farmington, New Mexico, San Juan County's largest city with a population of 45,877, Bloomfield's index is 16% below the national index (fewer property crimes) and 35% below the City of Farmington's. In a recent survey of cities in New Mexico with populations of at least 5,000, the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked Bloomfield as the sixth, safest community. Using data from the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report, 70% of each ranking consisted of violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) and 30% consisted of property crimes (burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft).
Natural Hazards: Sperling's Best Places created a natural hazard index that ranks 379 metropolitan areas across the country in terms of their vulnerability to natural disasters. With a ranking of one being the safest, the City of Farmington, New Mexico's metropolitan area ranks 25th out of 379. It ranks as the safest metropolitan area in New Mexico. Rankings are a composite of the following risk categories: hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, hail, wind, drought, floods, daily precipitation and snowfall amounts above certain levels, and temperatures above and below certain extremes.
Shopping: While Bloomfield has a nice mix of retail establishments and restaurants, the larger city of Farmington, located 14 miles to the west, has many retail stores and restaurants, including national chains. On a national list of 45 emerging, metropolitan areas, the Farmington metropolitan area was ranked 20th.
We believe that the City of Bloomfield is special. As the American proverb says, "Diamonds come in small packages." We're not perfect, for "a good garden always has weeds," but we are committed to change for the better. Why not join us for the ride!

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